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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Who's Zooming Who?

Before I wind up for the pitch, click on this link for background:

And here it comes… see if you handle it:

Having been in radio since 1968 and with a college degree in Commercial Music/Recording in the Seventies whereby I was then hereby qualified to work with a record label, I understand better than most the conflict here.  I also know that the record industry is a perfect example of what it looks like these days if pretty much everyone involved in it did too many recreational/industrial strength drugs for decades…

And that is the problem. 

The record industry did it’s damnedest over and over again to kill every kind of digital media it deemed dangerous to the on-going franchise it controlled by way of music everywhere… For decades, digital audio cassettes were effectively throttled; CDs survived only after the record industry figured out they could make a killing off of them for next to nothing; and Lord knows they tried everything to stave off the Internet and MP3 files…

But they failed at that completely and now karma follows them wherever they go.

So that is the crux of everything here.  Artists who should be in rest homes have to prop themselves up and go touring again still to make enough money to survive.  But that isn’t terrestrial radio’s fault.  It is the record industry’s.  Yes, every artist and band should have carefully considered what they signed that was in their contracts with the labels… but they didn’t and now both the artists and labels feel like it is terrestrial radio’s fault and all of the stations owe them big time.

They are mistaken, it is completely the opposite.  Without the decades of free radio airplay, the record industry would be for nothing and bands would still be playing in their garages for free…

But since the default reaction these days is to wet one’s pants, cry, scream and threaten to riot if someone or some group doesn’t get their way, both the artists and the labels look to the government to make things right for them without a second thought as to the damage that would wreak in broadcasting. 

Newsflash – that governmental action approach just left the station for four years at least on November 8th

Sound Exchange is the bane of Internet Radio’s existence.  They are a major reason why Internet Radio isn’t profitable right now.  And it won’t be in the future until some semblance of intelligence, rational behavior and true sense of fairness shows up…  but the labels just keep right on killing every goose that lay the golden eggs upon which everyone could enjoy and benefit…

And the biggest loser of all is you – the listener and the end-user.

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