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Monday, October 17, 2016

Flung Further....

The "Golden Age of Television" is Dead - What a Surprise!

Dain L. Schult, CEO, Global Entertainment Technology, Inc.

Before I get started, take a look at this link from the Guardian:

When Bruce Springsteen sang years ago about 57 channels and nothing on in the early Nineties, how could he possibly know that some day that number would actually be more 1,800 or over 2,000 channels?

And that's where we find ourselves.  Reality television started the ball rolling toward oblivion and then a channel for everybody and everything no matter how mundane, inane or insane it was, was created and here are.

More bundles are now being offered by cable and satellite companies while other groups are extolling the virtues of cutting the cables and blowing up the dishes and it has gone beyond Tower of Babel noisy...  it is beyond insanity and it is also beyond sustainability....

Reality television is like kudzu - it grows in the dark, takes over everything it touches, can grow in any environment and getting rid of it is a bitch.

There is no way now for anybody to successfully watch anything called television anymore with any ability to concentrate or enjoy what is being watched.  It is the ultimate in ADD for everyone...

Sometimes radio engineers refer to a radio station that is granted a higher power upon which to operate which increases its signal coverage area (like going from 3,000 watts to 100,000 watts) as "sh*t flung farther" or "further" if you think that was the right word to use instead.  

That phrase unfortunately also can now be used to describe the television landscape on every level. When every cable channel feels compelled to create its own new programming it further dilutes the talent pool for both actors and writers and that wasn't the deep end of the pool to begin with....

Just like Internet Radio may come to be, everyone will end up with their own television channel and then it will 330 million channels with nothing on...

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