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Friday, September 2, 2016

Dain Schult, CEO, Global Entertainment Technology, Inc.

What If Everybody Is Right and Nobody Is Wrong?

If there is anything I've gleaned from the tsunami of social media that makes me feel like I'm being swept out to sea, is that there is a preponderance of people who truly believe they're right about everything and anyone who dares disagree with them or not acknowledge their "rightness" must be executed at once - not with a sword or firing squad (at least not here...yet) but by digital denigration and condemnation.

When it comes to either politics or religion clearly we're into opinions that apparently no facts can penetrate.  No should they.  These should be third-rail topics that aren't touched by anyone and yet they are the driving forces for range everywhere.

But this even goes further where people take the position in technology there is only one true way forward and all things that have come before whatever it is they believe is the future must be ridiculed and discarded posthaste.

The march of forward progress can't really be stopped by anything and yes, there are people who probably feel foolish from years gone by of banking on Beta over VHS or laser discs for that matter.... or Blackberry as the gold standard when Android and Apple were eating it as a pie...

Where am I going with all of this?  Beats me.  Hopefully not in a circle but to simply state that everybody can be right with their digital choices, if even only for a short time, before the next big thing hits or happens.  When the new stuff shows up that doesn't make the old stuff wrong - just simply supplanted by a future that literally can't or won't slow down.

Since I have yet to run into the person who actually has that note from God saying they can run things in His absence, and I would need to see a notarized copy of it anyway, and I know I certainly don't have it, maybe the better thing to do here would be to slow down some, take a breath and remember we're all in this together no matter what.

(As an aside, GET will be involved in both Terrestrial and Internet radio operations in states across the country, including, but not limited to Georgia, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Iowa and Wyoming.)

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